Frequently Asked Questions


  • What's The Lost Wild about?

    The Lost Wild is a survival horror adventure game about overcoming nature’s most formidable forms of life. Using systemic AI to support our core gameplay loops, our dinosaurs react and behave like animals, not monsters. Explore an overgrown Japanese research facility nestled in a lush wilderness. Scavenge locations and find valuable items. Combine what you find to create makeshift contraptions to give you a fighting chance. Be resourceful, endure, intimidate and outwit to find a means of escape.

  • What genre is The Lost Wild?

    We describe The Lost Wild as a survival horror adventure game, taking inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Trespasser, and Alien: Isolation. We are putting our own unique spin on the genre, adding a cinematic quality akin to Jurassic Park, while lightly borrowing on the adventure and narrative elements from games like Half Life and Firewatch.

  • Who do you play as?

    You play as Saskia, a driven and experienced investigative reporter.
    The player finds themselves stranded and alone in the aftermath of a mysterious temporal event.

  • How long is The Lost Wild's expected play time?

    The game is planned to have a single player story that lasts 6 to 10 hours long.

  • When is the release date?

    Although we were working on The Lost Wild for years before showing anything, and what we have as of today is playable and very promising, we want to take our time and do things right. Expect a production cycle of between two and three years and a launch somewhere around late 2024/early 2025.

  • What’s the current state of The Lost Wild?

    We are currently in pre-alpha, and by that we just mean we’re early on in production. We’ve spent the last couple of years proving our fundamentals, from our game design theory to the creation of numerous prototypes as well as a playable vertical slice featuring a full 45 minutes of highly polished visuals and gameplay, from which we captured our trailer footage.

  • What platforms are you supporting?

    We are currently focusing all of our efforts on a PC release on Steam, Epic Game Store, and GOG. Next-gen console versions are on our roadmap.

  • Is there a Kickstarter?

    Not at this time. Up until now, The Lost Wild has been funded by a combination of our own personal investments, an Epic MegaGrant, and game investment relationships. We intend to pursue the traditional funding path of working with a publisher to fund the rest of the development of The Lost Wild.

  • What is the intended age rating?

    We are expecting the game to be rated ESRB M and PEGI 18.

  • Will there be multiplayer or co-op?

    Not at this time. The focus for The Lost Wild is to craft an immersive and cinematic experience that is experienced through our single player story.

  • What dinosaur species will feature?

    This is liable to change and right now we’d like this to remain a mystery. The Lost Wild will feature a rich and vibrant world representing a range of ecosystems and habitats, but our focus is on dinosaur species which create unique and exciting encounters and gameplay experiences first and foremost.

  • Is The Lost Wild open world?

    The world is largely based on a “Hub and Spoke” design that allows for paced and controlled storytelling while supporting the systemic nature of the AI encounters. With a sprawling, multi-pathed approach to our world design, we reward and promote thorough exploration and backtracking while enabling our AI systems to surprise and thrill the player. From overgrown maze-like structures to lush open vistas, expect nonlinear exploration underscored by a cinematic and mostly linear narrative.

  • Can I shoot or kill dinosaurs?

    For the most part, no. Items in The Lost Wild mostly consist of makeshift contraptions and non-lethal weaponry which create short-term distractions and temporarily intimidate and scare off predators. Our aim is to promote a sense of vulnerability and resourcefulness, but expect a few exceptions to this rule along the way.

  • Can I play as dinosaurs?

    There is a place in our hearts for those kinds of dinosaur games, but The Lost Wild is a survival horror adventure game that puts humanity in the middle of the food chain and asks you, “What would you do to survive?”

  • Can I tame and ride dinosaurs?

    This is another type of dinosaur game we have a soft spot for, but it’s very different to The Lost Wild. Our dinosaurs are realistic wild animals with their own motivations and a sense of self-preservation. For players inclined to do so, you will be able to temporarily form bonds with certain types of dinosaur species which could help you to survive in the Wild.

  • Who is Great Ape Games?

    We started life out as modders back in 2008 working on what some of you may remember as Lost World Returns. Our goals back then still align today: we want to make a dinosaur game grounded in realism and paleo research while treating these animals like animals, not monsters. Fast forward to 2018, after successful careers in the games industry gaining critical knowledge and experience, we set out on a path to finally bring to life the game we’d always dreamed of. Using the latest in game engine technology and the experience we’ve built, we knew it was time to make good on our original vision. Enter The Lost Wild. Today we’re a top-notch global team of artists, animators, paleo researchers, designers, AI programmers, and sound engineers, with headquarters in Brighton, UK. We’re really excited for what the future holds and we can’t wait for you all to join us on this journey.

  • Can I work with you on developing The Lost Wild?

    It takes great people to make great games, so we’re always on the lookout for the most talented individuals. Check out open vacancies on our Jobs Board and subscribe to be notified of new vacancies. If a role doesn't fit but you'd still like to apply, please apply to the Speculative role. We're blessed to be receiving a lot of job applications, so please be patient with us! We will come back to you within two weeks if successful.

  • Can I work with you on creating content or streaming The Lost Wild?

    Although we’re early on in development, we’re always looking for introductions to content creators who could help us to best interact with and serve our community in the future. Please email us at and we’ll respond if and when we have more to share.

  • Can I sign up to be a playtester?

    We’re not currently looking for playtesters at this time.