About the Game

A first person survival horror game

The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the reverence and terror of nature’s most magnificent animals. Our dinosaurs go well beyond simple monster mechanics, with built-in self-preservation and reactive systemic AI behaviour.

We are able to leverage replayability through our novel take on combat and evasion mechanics. Contest your place in the food chain and intimidate, lure and repel animals using non-lethal weaponry, resulting in both physical and psychological encounters.


    Explore abandoned Japanese facilities, nestled within a lush wilderness teeming with prehistoric life. Scavenge and find useful items to improve your chances of survival. A system grounded in risk vs reward. Risk prolonged encounters to discover more things, but also increase the chances of an encounter you may not survive.


    Stealth, elude and hide from dinosaurs that hunt you down. Create distractions and locate structures to gain an advantage. Use the items you have collected to give yourself more options in each encounter. Outmanoeuvre, run, lure, distract, and if all else fails, hide.


    Withstand dinosaur attacks using intimidation. Temporarily scare off deadly predators using a combination of fire, non-lethal weaponry and makeshift contraptions. The dinosaurs are smart and adaptive, but will also retreat at something that startles them. Watching them adapt and buying yourself time in each encounter is a core part of the experience.


    Communicate with a mysterious voice over the radio. Use it to help navigate your way through the facilities and find a way to escape. Hear a slow feed of dramatic points and information that slowly builds a bigger picture and with it, increasing curiosity. Piece together the history of the island, the events that lead to the situation you are in and face an emotional and impactful dilemma at the conclusion.


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